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zSeries & S/390 Mainframe Products

Twin Data provides several connectivity solutions for the zSeries, S390 and other IBM Mainframes operating in a TCP/IP environment.  3270 TCP/IP Emulation solutions, printer connectivity and remote controllers are a few of the TCP/IP products we offer.

This page is continually under construction as we select products to fill particular requirements.  Please call us at (800)597-2525 if you have any questions or are looking for a solution to a specific need.

Please click on the categories directly below to find your solutions:

LAN / WAN Connectivity Products & Client Software
TCP/IP Printing Solutions
  • I-O Corporation 5730e Multi-Protocol Print Server - Seamless Mainframe host to Ethernet LAN printing without the problems of normal TCP/IP network printing because of advanced TN3270e TCP/IP communication.

  • I-O Corporation 5735e Multi-Protocol Print Server - Mainframe AFP/IPDS printing to PCL5 laser printers on your Ethernet LAN without the problems of normal TCP/IP network printing.  Turn any PCL5e laser into an AFP/IPDS capable Mainframe printer.

  • NEW!!  Adaptio Gateway for AFP/IPDS/SCS Printer Connectivity  - External Print Server "Appliance" to support from 1 to 10  printers anywhere on your network.  Full AFP/IPDS support for laser printers, and SCS printing support for matrix printers.  Connect to AS/400s and IBM Mainframes with full AFP/IPDS Printing over your LAN.

  • OnePrint AFP/IPDS Software   -  Full AFP/IPDS Mainframe and AS/400 host printing to any LAN printers (laser and impact printers). OnePrint enables networked printers the ability to print IPDS Legacy documents on standard network printers.

Thin Client & Ethernet Terminals
  • Thin Client Terminals from CLI - The ET2000 is a text based Ethernet Terminal with TN5250e for your AS/400 and TN3270e for your Mainframe.  The ET3000 is a Windows based TCP/IP Thin Client with native support for Windows NT TSE, Windows 2000 Server, Citrix Winframe and Citrix Metaframe.  Complete support over TCP/IP connections.  Monochrome and color models available. Now available with built in Internet Explorer.

  • OmniTerm/e from Decision Data - the Universal Ethernet TCP/IP Terminal with POP3 e-mail capability for the AS/400 and 3270 environments.  Monochrome and color models available.

  • Extra Thin Client from Affirmative - for the AS/400 and S/390.  A Windows based TCP/IP Thin Client with native support for Windows Terminal Server, Windows Server 2003/2008/2012, Citrix, VMware and others.  The perfect upgrade from dumb terminals because it comes complete with the 24-Command Key AS/400 Style keyboards you need to eliminate re-training!!  Available as a Text Based Terminal (TBT), Windows Based Terminal (WBT), and a Browser Based Terminal (BBT) with built in Internet Explorer. 

You can get more information on our zSeries and IBM Mainframe products by clicking on the links below:

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