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Linux Thin Client Terminal with Terminal Emulation
for the i5, iSeries,z9 and zSeries Mainframe

A Fast, Compact Ethernet Terminal Solution


The RBT Series offers increased performance in a compact package. Assembled in the USA, these thin clients weigh just over 1 lb allowing you flexible mounting options and lower shipping costs. And the robust and fan-less construction allows for quiet and reliable operation.

The RBT-466 is optimized to work as a 'Green Screen' terminal replacement with the features and flexibility of a thin client. We handpicked features from all of the Ethernet terminals on the market to make the best green screen terminal replacement available. The setup requires no more than three entries and the 5250 sessions are ready and working, no mouse required.

The RBT-466 also supports Telnet with SSH, VT100, and Wyse 60 emulations.

The RBT-466 is 200% faster, 30% smaller, and runs 30 degrees cooler than the other "Mini" or Turtle Shell type thin clients!

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Email us at: or
call 800-597-2525 (toll free in USA)
or 908-688-8100 (International)


  • The RBT-466 outperforms similar products by more than three times
  • Industry standard OS (Linux 2.6 Kernel)
  • Small form factor for space-saving, desktop and mounted deployments
  • Use with Windows Servers and embedded emulations simultaneously 
  • Advanced emulation with 8 5250 sessions. Split Screen, Rule Cursor, macro support, multi host, GUI, 122-key keyboard support
  • 802.11 b/g wireless ready
  • Controlled power down prevents leaving open sessions on the host
  • 3 year advance exchange warranty standard

Optional Internal Wireless Benefits

The versatility of this unit includes an optional internal wireless feature 802.11b/g cards allowing for easy deployment without the need for any hardwiring to the desktop or Thin Client location.

Three Modes of Desktop Operation

The RBT-466 supports three modes of operation:

TBT Mode - Text based setup with startup wizard (no mouse required), terminal green screen with auto start and auto-reconnect, 122-key keyboard support, Function Key macro support and split screen mode

WBT Mode - Windows Based Terminal mode, where the terminal behaves like a CE.NET device with full screen applications, optional GUI 5250/3270, Terminal Server access, Citrix or Tarantella which auto start and auto-reconnect

Desktop Mode - Windows XP type user interface provides access to all applications in a windowing environment.

Enterprise Class Remote Administration

The BOSaNOVA RBT-466 Thin Client is simple to configure either locally or remotely using the BOSaNOVA Manager, which enables the following tasks:

  • Complete terminal configuration from a central location, including terminal emulation settings

  • User lock-out from configuration changes to prevent unauthorized changes

  • Scheduling of firmware updates

  • Cloning of user environments

  • Control over which applications run on a particular terminal

Full-Featured 122-key Keyboard

The BOSNOVA LTC Series includes support for a full-featured 122-key keyboard*, enabling efficient work with host applications, whether they be Windows Terminal Server or iSeries resident.
Because the BOSNOVA 122-key keyboard is driverless, it functions seamlessly with any PC, as well as with a thin client. Therefore, for customers with a mixed PC and thin client environment, the BOSNOVA 122-key keyboard is the ideal keyboard investment.

The 122-key keyboard available with the BOSNOVA RBT466 works perfectly in both Windows and iSeries software environments.

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Twin Data
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Item Number



RBT-466 Thin Client, Linux, 5250, RDP, ICA, AC/DC Adapter



RBT-466 Thin Client, Linux, 5250, RDP, ICA, AC/DC Adapter with 122-Key Keyboard



Optical Mouse



USB to Centronics Parallel Adapter Cable



VESA Mounting Bracket for RBT-466 Series



Internal 802.11 b/g Wireless Adapter



104-key PC Keyboard - USB/Black



122-key PC Driverless Keyboard - Black

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