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IBM 7208 Model 342 8mm
Mammoth Tape Drive

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IBM 7208 Model 342 8mm Mammoth Tape Drive

Please Note:  This is a discontinued product and only available on an "as available" basis.


The 7208 Model 342 is an external tape drive providing a storage capacity of up to 40gb with IDRC data compression.  It is read only compatible with older models of 8mm tape drives from both IBM and other manufacturers as well.

The 8mm format is perfect for backing up or transferring large amounts of data from your AS/400s.  This is the perfect unit to include on your new AS/400s while upgrading from your existing ones with the older 8mm formats.


  • 20GB capacity (40GB with IDRC)
  • 3MBps media data rate (6MBps with IDRC)
  • Read compatible with 6390, 7208-12, 7208-002 and 7208-222
  • SCSI-2 interface
  • Media kit: data cartridge, cleaning cartridge, test cartridge

Call us at 800-597-2525 or e-mail us at for more information
on the 7208 Model 342 8mm Tape Drive


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