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OnePrint G2 for Windows®
Enterprise Wide AFP/IPDS from your iSeries and Mainframe

Integrated Print

IPDS Software to Turn Your Laser Printers and Epson, Lexmark, OkiData and Other Matrix Printers into Full Function iSeries / zSeries IPDS Matrix Printers     

Download a Free Demo Version of OnePrint G2 For Windows



OnePrint G2 for Windows® is the second generation of this powerful and versatile server-based print management platform that enables Mainframe and/or Midrange print job distribution over TCP/IP to any printer in a Windows environment.


Each OnePrint G2 for Windows® allows you to distribute print jobs on a large number of printers. A virtually unlimited number of printers can be attained by adding more OnePrint G2 for Windows® units.


OnePrint G2 for Windows® enables delivery of AFP/IPDS host documents to any predefined Windows® attached ASCII printer.


It provides central management and dynamic control over setup, print routing and problem resolution for all distributed LAN-attached printers. Your personnel continue working like before but with the added benefits.

Now, you can print any host document to any target printer at any time.


OnePrint for Windows® receives host print jobs (AFP/IPDS ) and then converts them into standard ASCII data streams (PCL4, PCL5, PCL5 Level 3, PCL5e Enhanced, Epson, Canon and PostScript).

OnePrint for Windows® then sends the converted data a Windows® Server 2000 or 2003 predefined printer (print queue). OnePrint for Windows® can be managed remotely via a web browser from any Windows® workstation.



Key Benefits

  • OnePrint for Windows® allows you to distribute host-based print jobs to a large number of printers. You can now print any host document to any Windows® predefined printers at any time. Whatever the printer, the results are the same - host documents will always be printed exactly the way you expect them.

  • OnePrint for Windows® helps you get the most of your already existing technology. While other solutions require expensive and repeated investments in controllers, printers or printer interface devices, OnePrint for Windows® works with your existing enterprise printing technology.

Download the OnePrint G2 for Windows Datasheet

Download a Free Demo Version of OnePrint G2 For Windows IPDS Software

OnePrint G2 for Windows®  Features

OnePrint G2 Feature

OnePrint G2 Benefit

Supports Multiple Hosts

A single OnePrint G2 can be connected to an IBM Mainframe over SNA and to a large number of IBM AS/400 midrange systems and/or IBM Mainframes over TCP/IP

Integrates IBM Hosts
and LAN/WAN Networks

Provides a single printing management solution from TCP/IP host to enterprise printers via Windows® Operating Systems.

Communicates with Enterprise Printer

No need to invest in printers. OnePrint G2 works with your existing Windows® pre-defined LAN/WAN attached printers


Easily upgradable to more printers support, without the need to re-install the software.

Supports Multiple Network Operating Systems

Routes AFP/IPDS documents via Windows® any LAN/WAN attached ASCII printer

Supports Popular
Networking Protocols

Powerful networking capabilities over TCP/IP, and NetBEUI, allowing printer connectivity anywhere in the world (via LAN/WAN), providing true end-to-end IPDS communication.

Supports a Full Range
of ASCII Printers

Delivers AFP/IPDS host documents to any LAN/WAN attached printer - whatever the printer, the results are the same.
  • Laser: PCL, Postscript, CAPSL

  • Inkjet: PCL Level 3

  • Matrix: Epson

Cost Effective

Leverages your investment in client-server technology by using existing LAN/WAN printers for IPDS documents, saving the cost of expensive IPDS printers.

Remote Management

Provides remote control with the efficiency of a client-server application. Superior Web based management and control capabilities over TCP/IP.

Intranet Monitoring

Platform independent monitoring. Allows your system administrator to view the OnePrint G2 Console via the Intranet, using a standard Web Browser.

FAQs -Frequently Asked Questions

Download the OnePrint G2 for Windows Datasheet

Download a Free Demo Version of OnePrint G2 For Windows IPDS Software


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OnePrint G2 for Windows



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