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iSeries AS/400 Wiring Products
Active Express Mode Hubs and Fiber Multiplexors

Image:  Decision Data / NLynx Gemini Express Active Star HubPLEASE NOTEThe Gemini Active Star Hub is no longer manufactured.  The IBM 7299 Twinax-to-RJ45 and RJ11 Active Star Hubs is an IBM-labeled version of the GeminiExpress Active Star Hub. Click here to be taken to the IBM 7299 page.


NLynx continues on with the industry respected Andrew and NLynx SuperStar family.

The Gemini family is the latest line of AS/400 and S/3X wiring products building on the history of the well respected Andrew and NLynx SuperStar family.

All Gemini active hubs are Express Mode - supporting either 1mb or 2mb speeds.  Combining this with an 8-port Fiber Optic Multiplexor makes the Gemini Family a great solution for all your AS/400 category and Fiber Optic wiring requirements.

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