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Twinax Printer Interfaces
for Laser, Matrix & Thermal Bar Code Label Printers

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PLEASE NOTEThese Printer Interfaces have been discontinued. Please call us at (800)597-2525 with and to check availability of a solution for your specific printer connectivity need.  Please CLICK HERE for other Printer Connectivity options.

turbot-icon.jpg (5234 bytes)Turbo-T External Twinax Adapter

  • The Turbo-T is a
  • Set-up is easy and interface status can be viewed on the display at all times.
  • Emulates IBM 5256, 5225, 4214 and 3812.
  • Supports all major ASCII emulations.
  • Throughput in excess of 100 ppm

Click Here for More Information on CableNet Printer Interfaces

UNA - Universal Network Adapter

Connect any ASCII printer (impact, laser, thermal) to a 3270 coax or 5250 Twinax host with the UNA. All Standard non-IPDS emulations supported, with 11 ASCII printer drivers. The UNA outputs parallel or RS-232, and supports hex pass-thru, making it compatible with all thermal barcode printers. Built-In PC Sharing for simultaneous attachment to Twinax and PC.
Click here or on the image at right for more information.
(Note:  Available refurbished only.  Currently in stock.)

Model RPA (Reverse Protocol Adapter)

Add a parallel or serial port to non-IPDS Twinax or coax printers and put them to work in a LAN or PC environment. The RPA is configured on the host as a text-only printer. It can generate a test print pattern as a stand-alone device, making it a portable host, for testing Twinax and coax printers when a host line is unavailable.
(Note:  Available refurbished only.  Compatible product currently in stock.)

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