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OnePrint ClientExpress™
AFP/IPDS to your desktop for iSeries and Mainframe

Integrated Print

OnePrint ClientExpress - AFP/IPDS to your desktop

PLEASE NOTE:  OnePrint Client Express has been replaced with OnePrint G2 for Windows Click here to be taken to the OnePrinit G2 for Windows Page.


OnePrint ClientExpress (OnePrintCE) runs as a Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 XP Workstation background application, bringing AFP/IPDS to your desktop. This software-only solution is the most cost-effective alternative to AFP/IPDS printers. AFP/IPDS jobs can be routed from the Mainframe or AS/400 to your existing desktop printer. OnePrint ClientExpress extends the use of AFP/IPDS documents to viewing, editing, printing, faxing, e-mailing and archiving, using Windows services.

Click here if you need a solution for iSeries or AS/400 printing over the Internet.

The OnePrintCE Advantage: simple, reliable and inexpensive (Click on diagram below for technical specificaitons).

Click here for more information on OnePrint ClientExpress for AFP/IPDS Printing

OnePrintCE receives AFP/IPDS documents and converts them into standard ASCII data streams (PCL4, PCL5, PCL5 Level 3, PCL5 Enhanced, Epson, Canon and PostScript). Using the Windows drivers, the data can be printed, viewed, edited, faxed, e-mailed or archived.

Key Benefits of OnePrint ClientExpress 

  • OnePrintCE presents the most cost effective and reliable AFP/IPDS document delivery solution right to your desktop. IPDS jobs are converted into standard LAN printing, faxing, archiving or viewing formats that can be used by a wide range of desktop devices.

  • Simple installation, configuration, and ease-of-operation makes OnePrintCE the product of choice to print host-based AFP/IPDS jobs. OnePrintCE eliminates the need to maintain and control expensive IPDS printers and SNA infrastructure (especially in branch offices) for the sole purpose of printing AFP/IPDS documents.

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OnePrint ClientExpress Features

  • Software only
A software-only solution that provides the most cost-effective alternative to AFP/IPDS printers or printer interfaces
  • Windows-based
    background application
A Windows 95/98, NT and Win2000 client application maximizing the use of existing desktop resources
  • Connectivity
Establishes a host connection over TCP/IP using Windows services. Receives IPDS print jobs and converts them according to the selected output device
  • Productivity
Leverages your investment through increased productivity of your existing devices and resources
  • Cost Effective
Eliminates the need to maintain and control expensive dedicated IPDS printers
  • Convenience
No more inconvenience of running around to get your AFP/IPDS print jobs. Automatic 'Scale to Fit Paper' of IPDS documents to the (smaller) printable area of ASCII laser or Inkjet printers. Allows document preview eliminating unnecessary printing
  • IPDS page printer emulation
Emulates a wide range of IPDS page printers: 3812, 3816, 4028, 3912, 3916, 3112, 3116
  • Support popular ASCII printer protocols
Laser: PCL4/5, CAPSL, Inkjet: PCL Level Matrix: Epson (FX&LQ)
  • Problem Resolution
Record and replay of host print jobs for convenient problem analysis. Icons in the Windows task bar indicate host or LAN connectivity, data transfer and internal processing.
  • Remote Printing over Intranet
Allows remote printing to remote branches over your Intranet, saving communications cost.

OnePrintCE product documentation | FAQs -Frequently Asked Questions

Download the OnePrintCE Data Sheet

Download a Free Demo

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OnePrint G2 for Windows



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