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MSCS - Multiple System Console Solution
Multiple Series i (i5, iSeries AS400) System Consoles over TCP/IP


Full System Console Control
for Multiple i5 and iSeries

or Combination of i5, iSeries, AS/400?s and LPARs
From Anywhere with an IE Web Browser or Over an IP Network,
WAN or Virtual Private Network (VPN) with SSL TCP/IP

PLEASE NOTE:  The TwiNetTC and TwiNet SNA Gateway are discontinued products.  Occasionally they are available as refurbished products.   The NLynx USB Twinax Emulation Kit can be uses as a Twinax System Console on any PC and is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7.  Please click here to be taken to the USB Twinax page.  Please contact us to discuss other available options.


With the TwiNetTC you can eliminate the problems of administering the System Console function in a multiple iSeries AS/400 environment.  The Multiple System Console Solution (MSCS) configuration will make System Console administration of multiple AS/400s as simple as opening a Window on a LAN attached PC.

The System Console is typically a "dumb" Twinax Display Station attached to Port 0 / Address 0 of your iSeries AS/400 or LPAR.  The System Console is the only terminal that can:

Click on image above for more screenshots.

  • Perform System Console only  System Maintenance and Configuration Procedures (Restricted State)

  • Execute System Backups (SAVSYS)

  • Respond to "System Console Only" messages

In the multiple system environment, this requires one terminal per iSeries.  It also requires that an operator be on site to respond to the message, or perform the particular procedure that can only be executed from the System Console.   When the operator is not on site, it usually requires a phone call or a page to a standby operations person who would need to either travel to the office or diagnose the problem over the phone.

TwiNet MSCS will allow these i5, iSeries AS/400 or LPAR "System Console Functions" to be handled from anywhere on your LAN, WAN or VPN or even securely over the public Internet.

This also includes dial-in to a network attached Remote Access Server (RAS) such as a MultiTech RAS Server, Perle 833i, or a BOSaNOVA LanLynk.  This eliminates the necessity for the iSeries operator to be at the iSeries system location for the System Console - the computer room.

Featured Highlights

  • Simple Management of your System Consoles - Manage up to 24 separate i5, iSeries AS/400s and/or LPARS from a single TCP/IP PC anywhere on your LAN / WAN / VPN / Internet

  • Secure Access to your System Consoles - Use your Web Browser (Active-X) to run your System Console from anywhere

  • The Sessions are "kept alive" on the TwiNetTC - Simply reconnect if you lose your connection and pick up where you left off. It keeps the Twinax connection active even if there is an interruption in the TCP/IP network traffic to the TwiNetTC. This assures that when a display session is reconnected, the session is exactly as it was when the disconnect occurred.

  • DOES NOT Require TCP/IP to be running on the i5, iSeries or AS/400 - can be used to restart TCP/IP from anywhere.

  • A True Twinax-to-TCP/IP Gateway - Supports up to seven Twinax Display or Printer sessions (Addresses 0 through 6) on your LAN PCs with the included TwiNet Gold Client Software for each TwiNet Gateway installed

  • Simple Setup - Web based configuration and setup

  • Easy To Install Client Software - TwiNet Gold Client Software included

Click here for More Information on the TwiNet Multiple System Console Solution
Download the TwiNetTC Data Sheet

Multiple System Console Solution (MSCS) Diagram

Click here for More Information on the TwiNet Multiple System Console Solution


Applications for MSCS with TwiNetTC

  • Control Multiple i5, iSeries AS/400s and /or LPARs from a single "System Console"

  • Control an AS/36 and AS/400 from the same System Console - Allows upgrading from one system to a new system to be more convenient.  You can also configure additional sessions from each system, up to seven (7) from each TwiNet SNA Gateway.

  • Allow a local network PC to be System Console for an i5, iSeries or AS/400 at a remote location - Improves system operation capabilities at other locations without the need for a system operator.

  • Allow System Consoles to be anywhere on your LAN / WAN / VPN.

  • Remote Printer Gateway - Allows printing to a specific device (ie: PRT10, etc.) from any remote connection.

Some Features of MSCS with TwiNetTC

  • Flexible Twinax connection means increased productivity. The TwiNetTC solution uses a Twinax connection to the host IBM midrange system which means that it can support the IBM i5, iSeries, AS/400, System/36, Advanced Series/36 and Twinax Remote Controllers. Since TwiNetTC provides a single point of contact to the midrange host, there is less configuration and operating overhead, providing better overall host performance.

  • Simple, intuitive installation and configuration. On the PC side, a single protocol can be used for both LAN and host PCs, and since TwiNetTC is a native Twinax gateway, it does not require the overhead and configuration complexities of an APPC router.  And the TwiNet Gold Client software installs quickly and easily, using industry-standard LAN interfaces.

TwiNetTC Twinax to TCP/IP Gateway

The picture on the left shows a standard TwiNet installation. The IBM Host can be any S/3X, AS/400 or Remote Control Unit with a Twinax attachment installed. TwiNet can be installed either close to the Host or close to the Clients, using the existing Twinax or UTP cabling very good for long distance connection (up to 5000 feet).


TwiNetTC supports any Windows 7, Vista, XP or Windows 2000 PC.

Technical Specifications



Operating System

PC Side: 

Windows Vista, XP, 2000

Host Side:

AS/400 - iSeries - i5: V3R2 to V6R1

Advanced Series/36:  All

System/36:  All

Hardware Requirements

Twinax Workstation Controller with available host connection.  
Port 0 required for System Console functionality



1 RJ 45 10BaseT, 100BaseT (auto-sensing)
TwiNetTC - Single Twinax Y-Cable with Cable-thru capability for connection to Twinax Host Port
TwiNetTC4 - 4-port "quad-cable" with 4 Twinax Host Connections


Power, Link, 10/100, Check, Alert, Packet and Collision.

Main Power 

External Power Supply: 100-240V AC 50-60Hz Input / 5V DC Output


One Year 

Click here for More Information on the TwiNet Multiple System Console Solution

Ordering Information

Item Number




TwiNet SNA Gateway (Twinet-100 SNA Gateway)
One (1) Twinax Host Connection
7 Twinax Device Addresses
1 required for each i5, iSeries AS/400 or LPAR host port connection

Call us at
for availability


TwiNetTC SNA Gateway
One (1) Twinax Host Connection
7 Twinax Device Addresses
1 required for each i5, iSeries AS/400 or LPAR host port connection

Call us at
for availability


TwiNetTC4 SNA Gateway
Four (4) Twinax Host Connections
28 Twinax Device Addresses
1 required for each four (4) i5, iSeries AS/400 or LPAR console or host port connections 

Call us at
for availability



TwiNetTC100 TelNet Gateway
100 TN5250e/TN3270e Telnet Sessions
Display Sessions and Printer Sessions
(no Twinax connections)

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for availability

Download the TwiNetTC Data Sheet


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