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The Next Generation of IBM Register-level Compatible 5250 Adapters for PC to AS/400 and System/3X Connectivity

This is a discontinued product and the information on this page is for reference purposes only.  The replacement product is the NLynx USB Twinax Emulation Kit.  Please click here to be taken to the USB Twinax page.


The Affinity Systems from Perle 5250 PC Adapter is a 100% IBM register-level compatible Twinax adapter that runs:

  • Client Access/400
  • PC Support/400
  • Personal Communications AS/400
  • Enhanced 5250 Emulation
  • Netsoft Midrange Client Services
  • Rumba/400
  • Any 5250 Emulation software capable of running on IBM's 5250 Adapter

Designed to run in Type II and III PCMCIA slots, the Affinity Systems from Perle 5250 PCMCIA adapter has proven to be the most reliable and established card in the market. It has been tested by Microsoft and received their Windows 95 logo.

This adapter allows your PC to connect directly to your AS/400 or S/3X or from another location through a Remote Controller. This expands your PCs capabilities, allowing access to host files, databases, shared folders and other 5250 applications.

Each adapter supports multiple terminal and printer sessions on a single PC:

  • 2 sessions with terminal emulation
  • 5 sessions with PC Support/400 •
  • Up to 32 sessions when using APPC applications such as Client Access/400 Included with each adapter is:
  • Affinity Systems from Perle 5250 Client for Windows emulation software
  • Self-terminating T-cable to connect your PC directly into your Twinax network
  • Stepsaver diagnostic software to verify the integrity of the adapter and facilitate problem identification
  • Stepsaver configuration software to identify available interrupts, I/O and memory addresses
  • One year warranty

Tested in today's fastest PCs, the Affinity Systems from Perle 5250 PC Adapter provides functionality never before available in a Twinax adapter. IBM register-level compatibility eliminates software conflicts and ensures continuous, uninterrupted operation even as new PC or IBM host software is introduced.

Please click here for additional information on the
Affinity Systems PCMCIA 5250 Adapter



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