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ET1500 Thin Client Terminal
Windows CE.NET Thin Client with RDP and ICA


PLEASE NOTE: The ET1500 Line of Thin Client Terminals has been discontinued.  The replacement product f is the MT2301 Thin Client Terminal. Please click here to be taken to the MT2301 Thin Client Terminal page.

The ET1500 thin client, with its high quality, exceptional value, and superior ease of use, is a terminal that gives users the ability to access Windows, UNIX, and Internet applications, at a lower total cost of ownership than PCs or other computing products.

The ET1500 client software, based on industry standard Microsoft Windows CE .NET, has built-in support of Microsoft RDP and Citrix ICA protocols, VT terminal emulation and Internet Explorer (ET1500n). Users can access Windows applications running on central servers including Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and Citrix MetaFrame XP, as well as UNIX and Web-based applications. This standard software provides broad application compatibility and system integration, improving user productivity.

Serial and parallel printer ports, 10/100 BaseT Fast Ethernet, USB and PS/2 ports, audio and an internal power supply are all standard ET1500 hardware contained in a small footprint package. This simplifies network and peripheral connection and unit deployment. Typical installation time for the ET1500 is less than five minutes.

The ET1500 is a highly secure, "locked down" sealed box. No applications or data are stored locally; instead both reside on the central server. This protects valuable applications and data from accidental corruption or loss, theft, or infection by viruses, minimizing downtime.

And like all CLI thin clients, the ET1500 works seamlessly with CLI?s SNMP Administrator software. This powerful tool gives administrators complete centralized control of all CLI desktops, dramatically reducing support costs.

Click here to receive more information on the CLI MT2301 Thin Client Terminal

Featured Highlights

  • Stable, industry-standard Microsoft Windows CE .NET operating system

  • Microsoft RDP and Citrix ICA protocol to access Windows applications

  • VT-100 terminal emulation to access UNIX applications

  • Internet Explorer browser (ET1500n) to access Web-based applications

  • Small footprint and internal power supply to reduce clutter and ease installation and use

  • Multiple simultaneous session support to increase productivity

  • No fan or other moving parts for quiet operation and high reliability

  • Locked down, sealed box design for high security and virus prevention

  • Centralized management with bundled CLI SNMP Administrator software, including remote shadowing and asset tracking

Centrally controlled, and managed by network administrators with the SNMP Administrator Management Software, the ET1500 offers increased management efficiency as well as cost effective operation all with minimum bandwidth utilization and impressive speed.

Click here to receive more information on the CLI MT2301 Thin Client Terminal



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