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Compsee Keyboard Decoder Wedges

turbo2.jpg (3755 bytes)The Perfect Keyboard Decoder Wedges
for CLI, I-O Corp., IBM, Decision Data,
Memorex and Other Terminals

Compsee’s selection of Keyboard Decoder Wedges provide input and output options to connect a wide variety of input devices.  The supported devices include bar code reader, Magnetic Stripe Readers and RS 232 input devices such as scales and portable terminals.

 Wedge interface connections supported include all types of PC’s and clones, as well a variety of other terminals from CLI, Decision Data, DEC, I-O, IBM, Idea, HP, Memorex, Wyse, etc.

Click on the models or images below for more information:

Turbo 1 and Turbo 2

turbo2.jpg (3755 bytes)

QR210 -QuickReader 2100

QL501 - QuickLink 501


Installation of the wedge is simple and fast, simply plug between the keyboard and the terminal.

All Compsee wedges contain powerful editing features that allow the user to qualify the data input, inhibit invalid data from passing through and then format the output of the data to match the applications input screen .

Easy to install, operates in any environment.

wedge.gif (2958 bytes)

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