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Decision Data 3030
iSeries Twinax Remote Controller

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PLEASE NOTE: This is a discontinued product and no longer available. 
The replacement product is the Xip+ Twinax Controller. 
Please click here to be brought to the Xip+ Twinax Controller page.

Please Click Here for More Information on Remote Communication Controllers

3030.jpg (4826 bytes)The Decision Data Model 3030 emulates an IBM 5494 Remote Control Unit. It provides a number of connection options that include Twinax, ASCII, Token Ring, and Ethernet. Designed with flexibility in mind, the 3030 controller allows you to mix adapters to meet remote sites connectivity requirements.
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The user can select from 0 to 4 Twinax, ASCII or Ethernet adapters. It also allows for 0 to 1 Token Ring adapters. Based on the above, a maximum configuration could be 224 Twinax devices, or 32 ASCII devices or 320 Ethernet devices or some mix of the three. In addition, the controller will support a maximum of 80 Token Ring devices.

LAN/WAN Connectivity
The 3030's connectivity is complemented by full LAN and WAN support. Support for Token Ring downstream physical unit (DSPU) attachment enhances host access for a total of 224 Twinax or 32 ASCII users. Token Ring gateway capabilities provide access to AS/400 host applications for up to 224 Twinax attached terminals and up to 80 Token Ring devices. Ethernet gateway capabilities provide access to AS/400 host applications for up to 168 Twinax attached terminals and up to 80 Ethernet devices. For WAN connectivity, the Model 3030 provides access to SDLC and X.25 networks across three communication ports. Functionality
The Model 3030 is compatible with a variety of IBM programs such as Off ice Vision/400. Users get the benefits of 132-column display support IPDS datastream, and type-head. Additional system flexibility is provided through support for data collection devices. Remote file transfer capabilities using PC Support, Client Access, and IBM Emulation allow you to access applications without additional software costs.

Diagnostics available from the front panel, plus error logs, simplify problem determination. Multiple LED displays keep you informed on system status during start-up and normal operations. Error conditions are also displayed and logged for service reference.



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