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PowerTerm InterConnect
5250 & 3270 Emulation for MacIntosh, Linux & Windows

Ericom PowerTerm Terminal Emulators - 
the choice of more than 3 million users
for all their host access needs.

The PowerTerm series of terminal emulators enables PC users to run client/server, network and legacy applications on powerful host computers. The PowerTerm product line supports a full line of emulation types, including IBM, Tandem, HP, VT, Wyse, SCO and Data General.  The platforms we support include Windows, Linux, and Mac OS-X.  

Unlike other terminal emulators that consume from 30MB to as much as 100 MB, PowerTerm products provide full functionality while leaving a small footprint. For the system administrator this means utilizing less resources as well as minimizing technical support and maintenance. For the end-user it means simple and fast installation as well as an effective means of working with legacy applications running on a variety of hosts.

PowerTerm products offer state of the art features and customization and integration possibilities not featured in competing solutions. Features include PowerTerm scripting language or VBA, customizable function keys, multiple concurrent sessions, history scroll bar, menu bar, scalable and selectable fonts, intelligent copy and paste and more.

Click on the links below for more detailed information on the PowerTerm product for your application:

  • PowerTerm InterConnect 5250 & 3270 Emulation for Mac OS-X - Cost effective terminal emulation.  Easy to install, small footprint, fast, multiple platform support. Supports Mac OS-X.  This is a native "carbonized" Max OS-X application.
  • PowerTerm InterConnect - Cost effective terminal emulation.  Easy to install, small footprint, fast, multiple platform support including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS-X.
  • PowerTerm Pro  ? For power users who need VBA, security, or the ability to seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Office
  • PowerTerm WebConnect - Browser based emulation designed for corporate customers who have many users or multiple offices.  The low TCO makes PowerTerm WebConnect a favorite of corporate buyers.

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