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AS/400 Multiple System
Console Program (MSCP) with ES/Server

Full System Console Control for Multiple AS/400s
or Combination of AS/400?s and AS/36?s
Over a TCP/IP LAN, WAN or Virtual Private Network (VPN)


PLEASE NOTE:  This is a discontinued product. Please click here to be redirected to the replacement product, the NLynx USB Twinax Emulation Kit as Remote Console



With ES/Server from NLynx you can eliminate the problems of administering the System Console function in a multiple AS/400 environment.  The Multiple System Console Program (MSCP) configuration will make System Console administration of multiple AS/400s as simple as opening a Window on a LAN attached PC.

The System Console is typically a "dumb" Twinax Display Station attached to Port 0 / Address 0 of your AS/400 or AS/36.  The System Console is the only terminal that can:

  • Perform certain System Maintenance and Configuration Procedures
  • Execute certain type of System Backups
  • Respond to certain types of messages

In the multiple system environment, this requires one terminal per AS/400.  It also requires that an operator be on site to respond to the message, or perform the particular procedure that can only be executed from the System Console.   When the operator is not on site, it usually requires a phone call or a page to a standby operations person who would need to either travel to the office or diagnose the problem over the phone.

ES/Server MSCP will allow these AS/400 or AS/36 "System Console Functions" to be handled from anywhere on your LAN, WAN or VPN.   This also includes dial-in to a network attached Remote Access Server (RAS) such as a Shiva LanRover or a BOSaNOVA LanLynk. This eliminates the necessity of the AS/400 operator to be at the normal location for the System Console - the computer room.

Multiple System Console Program (MSCP) Diagram

Multipl System Console2.gif (16973 bytes)
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Applications for MSCP with ES/Server

  • Control Multiple AS/400s from a single System Console
  • Control an AS/36 and AS/400 from the same System Console - Allows upgrading from one system to a new system to be more convenient.  You can also configure additional sessions from each system, up to seven (7) from each ES/Server Twinax Card.
  • Allow a local network PC to be System Console for an AS/400 at a remote location - Improves system operation capabilities at other locations without the need for a system operator.
  • Allow System Consoles to be anywhere on your LAN/WAN/VPN

Some Features of MSCP with ES/Server

  • Flexible Twinax connection means increased productivity. The ES/Server solution uses a Twinax connection to the host IBM midrange system through a gateway server PC, which means that it can support the IBM AS/400, System/36 and Advanced Series/36. Since the server provides a single point of contact to the midrange host, there is less configuration and operating overhead, providing better overall host performance.
  • Simple, intuitive installation and configuration. On the PC side, a single protocol can be used for both LAN and host PCs, and since ES/Server is a native Twinax gateway, it does not require the overhead and configuration complexities of an APPC router. ES/Server supports IPX, TCP/IP, and NetBEUI between the Client PC and Gateway, saving the user from having to configure multiple protocol stacks. And the Emerald Series Client software installs quickly and easily, using industry-standard LAN interfaces.
  • Supports most common protocols. ES/Server supports the most common protocols, provided with Windows 95 and Windows NT support in a single solution.
  • Multilanguage support. Localized product for English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish.
  • Hotspots identify host menu items. Host menu items and function keys can be assigned colors. Employ this aesthetic and intuitive approach to locate them quickly and easily, with the simple point-and-click of a mouse button.
  • Keystroke memory and playback (macros). Predefine keystrokes for automated sign-on, repetitive data entry, or unattended operation. Store as many as 2,048 keystrokes in up to 24 keyboard macros.
  • ETU? file transfer support. ETU, an industry standard from NLynx Systems, allows direct file transfer between the PC and System/36, Advanced Series/36, or AS/400.

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ES/Server Additional Features

  • Graphical keyboard mapping allows easy reconfiguration to support existing keyboards.
  • Screen customizations includes color, cursor, field separator character, and font options.
  • Session pooling for access to multiple ES/Server gateways or sessions.
  • Standard edit commands to edit, copy, and paste.
  • Custom toolbar allows users to create their own easy-to-use buttons for frequently used items, including macros.
  • 80- or 132-column monochrome or color display support.
  • Advanced printer support, either direct or network attached.
  • Drop-down menu support using the right mouse button.

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ES/Server Single Host Connection Diagram

ES/Server Diagram

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ES/Server Specifications

System Requirements

Gateway Server

  • 486 or Pentium? processor-equipped PC
  • Windows 95 or Windows NT
  • CD-ROM or floppy disk drive
  • Hard disk with a minimum of 6MB available
  • One ISA slot (for the ES/Server adapter card)
  • LAN adapter (for client connection)
  • Minimum of 4MB RAM (depending on protocols used), 8MB recommended

Client PC

  • 386, 486, Pentium processor-equipped PC
  • Windows 95, Windows NT 3.51 or later
  • Hard disk with a minimum of 4MB available
  • Minimum 4MB RAM (depending on operating system and protocols used)
  • NIC (for connection to gateway server)

Device Types Supported


24x80 mono or color and 27x132 mono or color

Printers Emulated:

3812, 5219–D, 4214–2, 4210–1, 5225–1-4, 5224–1-2, 5256–1-3,

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The ES/Server Package:

  • ES/Server Twinax Adapter (MSCP requires multiple ES/Server Twinax Adapters)
  • ES/Server software (3.5"diskettes)
  • ES/Server Quick Install Guide
  • Twinax T-connector

Regulatory Approval: FCC, CE


NLynx provides a one-year limited warranty on the hardware and 90 days for firmware/software.

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