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Gives You the Products to ...

Eliminate ALL SNA Traffic from your
Power9, Power8, i5,  and all iSeries AS/400 TCP/IP WAN and
Run Pure TCP/IP

Power9 & Power8 Twinax Connectivity with
the I-O Corporation
eTwinax Controller

Xip+ Twinax Controller 

Run your Twinax terminals, printers and Twinax attached PCs over your TCP/IP WAN using their existing cabling while eliminating multi-protocol routers and serial tunneling (STUN).

Upgrade your existing remote controllers to the Xip+ Twinax Controller and run over PURE TCP/IP.  You can save Hundreds of $$$ on your Telephone costs.

The ONLY solution for integrating Twinax devices into High Availability (HA) plans.

CLICK HERE for information on how to save the investment in your Twinax Devices and run on a Power9 or Power8 with the Xip+ Twinax Controller.

Power 9 / 8 / 7 / 6, i5, iSeries and AS/400
z14, z13, zSeries S/390 Systems
TCP/IP Thin Client Terminals & Ethernet "Dumb" Terminals

Click Here for Thin Client Terminal Information

Linux, Windows CE.NET and XP Embedded TCP/IP Thin Client with native support for Windows Terminal Services (RDP) in Windows 2019, 2017 etc, Citrix (ICA), VMware.  

The perfect upgrade from dumb terminals because it comes complete with the 24-Command Key iSeries AS/400 or Mainframe Style Keyboard No need for any re-training!! 

CLICK HERE for the TCP/IP Upgrade from Twinax and Coax Terminals.

Full iSeries AS/400 and zSeries S/390 Printing over TCP/IP - 
the I-O Corporation
Win10 Series Print Servers

Seamless iSeries an zSeries host to Ethernet LAN printing without the problems of normal TCP/IP network printing.

The same print queue control as Twinax and Coax  printers.  Does not use Host Print Transform or Remote Out Queue Virtual Printer Sessions.

Full AFP & IPDS over TCP/IP for laser printers and Multi-Function Printers from Canon, Kyocera-Mita, Lexmark, Ricoh, Sharp, Xerox and others (that are PCL5e compatible and higher).

CLICK HERE for more information on the I-O Corp. Win10 IPDS Print Servers.

Twin Data Corporation  - Communications, Connectivity and Peripheral Products
for the IBM Power Series, iSystem, iSeries AS/400, AS/36 and zSeries S/3903270 Computing Environments.
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Twin Data's Home Page or TCP/IP Products Page

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