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Replacement Power Supplies
for Affirmative, CLI, I-O Corporation, and other Manufacturers


AC AdapterTwin Data can supply you with replacement Power Supplies for your Affirmative, CLI, Compsee, I-O Corporation and other manufacturers.

Please call us at (800)597-2525 or e-mail us at  if you have a product from one of the manufacturers listed above and you don't see it listed below.

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5 Volt/4 Amp Power Supply for all Affirmative YEStation Models 222X and 224X Affirmative

$ 35.00


12 Volt/2 Amp Power Supply for all Affirmative YEStation Models 221X

$ 35.00


5 Volt Power Supply for ALL Computer Lab/CLI  MTXXXX and STXXXX Thin Client Terminals

$ 45.00

iologo.jpeg (6880 bytes)

IO-36.006R or

Replacement Power Supply for the following I-O Corporation Print Servers, Twinax Logic Modules and Other Products:

2677m Twinax Logic Module
2677TC Ethermet Terminal
4465 IPDS Twinax Printer Interface
5430 Print Server
5430b Bar Code Printer Print Server
5430e Print Server
5431b Bar Code Printer Print Server
5435 IPDS Print Server
5435e IPDS Print Server
5450 Print Server
5450e Print Server
5730e Print Server Gateway
5735dp IPDS Print Server Gateway
5735e IPDS Print Server Gateway
5735km IPDS Print Server Gateway
5755dp IPDS Print Server Gateway
5755e IPDS Print Server Gateway
5755km IPDS Print Server Gateway
5794ip Twinax-to-IP Twinax Controller
iTwinax - Twinax-to-IP Controller (Affirmative)
LAN-RPC Twinax-to-IP Print Server

Call us at (800)597-2525 with power supplies for other I-O Corporation Products.

The 36.006.R power Supply is NOT for the following products:

2677e Thin Client/Ethernet Terminal
LAN-RPC+ Twinax-to-IP Print Server

$ 45.00


Replacement Power Supply for the following I-O Corporation Printer Interfaces:

4430CX Coax Printer Interface
4430TX Twinax Printer Interface
4431CX Coax Printer Interface
4431TX Twinax Printer Interface
4440PCX Coax Barcode Printer Interface
4440PTX Twinax Barcpde Printer Interface
4440SCX Coax Barcode Printer Interface
4440STX Twinax Barcode Printer Interface

$ 45.00


Replacement Power Supply for the following I-O Corporation Devices:

2677e Ethernet Terminal
5760e SCS Print Server Gateway
5765e IPDS Print Server Gateway

$ 45.00


Replacement Power Supply for the following I-O Corporation Twinax and Coax Printer Interfaces:

CXP Lite Coax Printer Interface

CXP+ Coax Printer Interface
CXS+ Coax Printer Interface

TXP Lite Twinax Printer Interface

TXP+ Twinax Printer Interface
TXS+ Twinax Printer Interface

RPC Reverse Protocol Printer

$ 45.00

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