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Praim PR088 Plus AFP-IPDS
External Twinax Printer Interface

PLEASE NOTE:  The Praim PR088 Printer Interface has been discontinued.
The alternative product is the I-O Corporation 5765e IPDS Print Server Gateway.
Please CLICK HERE to Be taken to the 5765ePrint Server Gateway page.


PR088 PlusThe Pr088 Plus is a compact unit designed for direct attachment to IBM Midrange Systems AS/400, allows any PCL5 laser printer, including HP, Xerox, Lexmark, QMS, NEC, Kyocera Dataproducts, Genicom, Okidata, Tally, and many more, to print IPDS data streams with high performance and excellent printing quality. (Click on Picture for additional technical characteristics and specifications)

High throughput, up to 37 pages per minute for high-volume document printing, and up to five addressable input trays for media flexibility. Two-up, four-up and duplex printing increase printer throughput and reduce paper cost by printing multiple logical pages on both sides of a page. Handles different input media paper sources, cut sheet ranging from B5 all the way up to Ledger size, continuous forms, and Labels.

Auto port sensing for simultaneous printing from Host or PC connection makes the product an excellent choice for work groups. IPDS refresh feature ensures accurate IPDS printout on printers which handle multiple data streams.

The wide variety of resident fonts can be used to create professional-looking, and easy-to-read documents in more than fourteen languages.

Sixteen different bar codes, including POSTNET and Code 128 allow quick and accurate data entry when used for business process automation.

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Exception reporting and recovery of downloaded resources ensures accurate and complete printing. Four megabyte memory allows resource retention for as long as possible reducing host workload due to repeated downloading.

Supports the IBM AFP family of printers, including impact and laser technology, with innovative, functionality features that make the product ideal for Advanced Function Printing environment.

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Index :


  • Twinax attachment.

  • Supports IBM AFP printers 4028-AS1, 3912-AS1, and 3812-2.

  • Resident Fonts :

    • IBM 4028 compatibility (32 outlines)

    • IBM 3912 compatibility (34 outlines)

    • IBM 3812 compatibility (67 outlines)

  • Support 240 or 300 PEL enhanced printing

  • Standard 4MB memory and up to 16 MB upgrades

  • Up to five paper source trays capabilities with different page formats

  • Manual and Envelope tray capabilities

  • IPDS Towers Supported :

    • Device Control DC1

    • Presentation Text TX1 (PT1,PT2/ PTOCA)

    • IM Image IM1 (IMD1/IPDS)

    • IO Image IO1 (FS1/IOCA)

    • Graphics GR1 (DR2V0/GOCA)

    • Bar code BC1 (BCD1/IPDS)

    • Page Segment PS1

    • Overlay OL1

    • Loaded Font LF1,LF2

  • Image compression process:

    • CCITT Modified Modified Read (IBM MMR)

    • CCITT T.6 Facsimile Coding (G4MMR)

  • Resident Barcodes 240 and 300 PEL :

    • Code 3 0f 9

    • UPC/CGPC Version A and E

    • EAN-8

    • EAN-13

    • 2 of 5 Industrial

    • 2 of 5 Interleaved

    • 2 of 5 Matrix

    • MSI

    • UPC Two-Character Supplement

    • UPC Five-Character Supplement

    • Code 128

    • USS-Codabar

    • EAN Two-Digit Add-on

    • EAN Five-Digit Add-on

    • Postnet

  • Host and Terminal configuration supported
  • PC Share
  • High speed Bi-tronics parallel printer interface

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Twinax Attachments Requirements

The PR088Plus can be connected to the following IBM systems :

  • IBM Application System/400 (OS/400 V. 2R3 or higher) Twinax Workstation Controller (9402,9404, and 9406)

  • IBM AS/Entry (SSP Release 6.0 or higher) Twinax Workstation Controller (9402)

  • IBM S/36 (SSP Release 5.1 or higher, PTF 52-850 is required)

  • Workstation Control Unit (5360, 5362, 5363,and 5364)

  • IBM 5259 Migration Data Link

  • IBM 5294 Remote Control Unit (IPDS feature #3601) attached to the S/36 and compatibles

  • IBM 5299 Terminal Multi connector

  • IBM 5363 Workstation Control Unitattached to AS/Entry

  • IBM 5394 Remote Control Unit (Release 2.2 or higher) and compatibles

  • IBM 5494 Control Unit and compatibles

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ASCII Printer Requirements

The Praim PR088 AFP-IPDS interface can be connected to any laser printers having the following characteristics

  • PCL5 Emulation

  • 4 MB minimum memory

  • Centronics parallel port

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Technical Characteristics

  • Advanced Micro Devices 29000 family RISC processor

  • National Biphase Communication Processor for communication protocol

  • 220V or 110V 50/60 Hz, 10W internal power supply

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