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Xip 14 Twinax Controller

Connect 14 Twinax Addresses / Devices Over IP to Any iSeries

Connects Twinax Displays & Printers
to the IBM Power9, Power8, Power7, i5, & iSeries AS/400 via any Ethernet Connection

The Xip Twinax Controller has been upgraded
and is now the Xip Plus Twinax Controller. The  Xip 14 is available as refurbished models.  You will be taken to the Xip Plus page in a few miutes. Please click here to be taken to the Xip Plus Twinax Controller page now.


The I-O Xip Twinax Controller connects IBM and IBM compatible Twinax display stations and printers to an AS400-iSeries-System i host via TCP/IP over an Ethernet LAN. The Xip is ideal for those who are migrating their AS/400-iSeries to any Ethernet environment.


  • Connect Reliable Twinax Displays and Twinax printers to IBM Hosts over any TCP/IP or Ethernet LAN / WAN / VPN

  • Eliminates the need for expensive IBM Twinax Work Station Controllers

  • IP Replacement for Twinax Remote Controllers - In locations requiring remote access, the I-O Xip replaces expensive remote controllers

  • Connects over ANY IP Connection - No need for high-priced leased lines or expensive DSU/CSU modems

  • No re-cabling - continue to utilize existing Twinax or twisted pair cabling

  • Explicit Device Names - use the same device names you are currently using

  • Share Printers with Up to 4 Systems or LPARs - connect the same Twinax Printer to multiple systems

  • Two Models Available:
    XIP-7 - Support for 7 Twinax Devices (up to 28 logical sessions)
    XIP-14 - Support for 14 Twinax Devices (up to 56 logical sessions)

  • Connect to Multiple Hosts - Supports connection up to four (4) IBM Power9, Power8, Power7, or any iSeries AS/400 hosts (V3R2 or higher)

  • Supports Multiple Protocols -  TN5250e, SNA and AnyNet

  • Easy to install

  • 3-Year Advanced Exchange Warranty (North America)

  • Product Comparison - click here for competitive comparison

Click here for more information on the Xip Controller
Click here to download the Xip Controller Datasheet

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? General
    - Attaches up to 14 Twinax displays and printers

    - Star Panel compatible 

    - Supports up to 4 hosts

    - Allows up to 4 sessions per Twinax address

    - Supports TCP/IP (TN5250e, AnyNet)
      and SNA protocols

• Host Systems and Requirements
    - AS/400-iSeries-System i
    - OS400 V3R2 and newer
    - TCP/IP
    - Telnet services

• Display Stations
    - All 5250 Twinax display stations
    - Display model type is matched to Telnet
      5251-11, 5291-1, 5292-2,
      3180-2, 3179-2, 3196-A1, 3477-FG,
      3477-FC (InfoWindow II and Extended
      Character Attributes not supported)

• Printers
    - All 5250 SCS and IPDS Twinax printers
    - TN5250e – host configures all SCS printers
      as 3812-1  
    - AnyNet – host recognizes the printer’s model
    - SNA – host recognizes the printer’s model

• Data Streams
    - TN5250e, auto configuring local and remote
      connectivity (SCS)
    - AnyNet, auto configuring local and remote
      connectivity (IPDS and SCS)
    - SNA, auto configuring local connectivity
      (IPDS and SCS)

• Network
    - 10/100 BaseT auto-sensing
    - TCP/IP (TN5250e, AnyNet)
    - DHCP client
    - SNA (APPC)
    - Ethernet (IEEE 802.2, 802.3)

• Ports
    - RJ45 for Ethernet

    - Xip-14 - Two Twinax Host  Ports

    - Xip-7   - One Twinax Host Ports

    - DB25 parallel for diagnostic printouts

• Approvals
    - Logic Unit – FCC 15, CE
    - Power Supply ? UL, CE

• Power Supply
    - Logic Unit – FCC 15, CE

    - Power Supply ? UL, CE
    - Input – 110 to 240 volt AC

• Physical
    - 17 in. x 6.5 in. x 1.75 in

    - 19 in. wide with rack mount "ears"

    - Weight - 5 lbs.

    - Temperature range:
+40 to 100 F (5 to 42 C)

    - Relative humidity:
 10% to 90%, non-condensing

Click here for more information on the Xip Controller

Click here to download the Xip Controller Datasheet


See the chart below to see how the Xip-14 compares to the e-Twinax Controller Models 4693,  4610 or 4614.



Additional Features

Investment Protection When installing an Ethernet LAN that is attached to an AS/400–iSeries, reliable Twinax displays and IPDS/SCS printers can operate in the new Ethernet environment maintaining the usefulness of the equipment
Eliminates the Need for Twinax Work Station Controller A significant saving is realized by installing an I-O Xip Twinax Controller instead of an expensive IBM Twinax Work Station Controller
No IBM Remote Controller Required When remote access to an AS/400–iSeries is required, an expensive IBM or IBM compatible remote controller is replaced by an economical I–O Xip Controller
No Leased Lines or Expensive Modems When communicating to a remote site, there is no need to spend valuable resources on high-priced leased lines and special modems.
No Re-cabling The I-O Xip allows Twinax displays and printers to be connected to existing Twinax or twisted pair cabling eliminating the expense of re-cabling
Multiple Protocols Supports the auto configuring TN5250e and AnyNet for remote locations or SNA for a local attachment
Multiple Host Supports up to 4 hosts
Multiple Sessions Up to 4 sessions per physical device address can be configured – Up to 56 logical sessions supported

Click here for more information on the Xip Controller

Ordering Information

Item Number



XIP-7 Twinax Controller - Supports up to 7 Twinax Devices
One Twinax Host Port
3-Year Warranty Standard


XIP-14 Twinax Controller - Supports up to 14 Twinax Devices
Two Twinax Host Ports
3-Year Warranty Standard

Click here to download the Xip Controller Datasheet

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Click here to download the Xip+ Controller Datasheet


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