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ETU File Transfer
AS/400 or AS/36 to PC & PC to AS/400 or AS/36

ETU File TransferAS/400 & AS/36 File Transfer Software
System-to-PC and PC-to-System


Host-based packages provide local or remote file transfer between IBM? iSeries AS/400 and AS/36 Midrange computers and a variety of DOS, Windows?, UNIX? and Macintosh? formats, enabling users to integrate host data into their desktop applications.

  • Efficient: specific record and field transfer selections supported so that only desired information is transferred.

  • Secure: main menu customizable to display only functions user is authorized to use.

  • Convenient: time and date scheduling allows user to send files at the time of day (or night) most cost-effective.

  • Powerful: multiple device transfers allow user to simultaneously send a file to or from 10 micros with one command.


ETU? File Transfer Utility for the IBM? iSeries AS/400 or Advanced System/36 and System/36


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Related NLynx Products

  • ETU File Transfer Utility?: File transfer utility that resides on the S/3X or AS/400 and provides menu-driven options for transfer and translation of data between the PC and host.

  • USB Twinax: USB attached Twinax Emulation Kit for 64-bit and 32-bit Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and XP. 

  • OmniTerm/ES 5250 Emulation Software -  5250 Emulation Software for TCP/IP TN5250 connectivity.  Also works with ES/PCI Twinax Emulation Card. This is the upgrade for ES/TCP TN5250 Emulation Software.  Works with ETU File Transfer Software

  • ES/PCI PCI EMULATION CARD: 5250 PCI Emulation Card for Windows 10, 8 & 7 (32-bit and 64-bit), 95/98/2000/NT.  Requires OmniTerm/ES 5250 Emulation Software.

  • ES/Remote™: Software and hardware combination that allows users dial-up remote access to an IBM Midrange System. Works in conjunction withNLynx’s Axcess/400™ Remote Access Unit. Also available for Macintosh and DOS users.

  • ES/Server™: Low-cost gateway, connecting via Twinax to an IBM Midrange to share seven emulation sessions (per adapter) over an Ethernet or Token Ring LAN.

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NLynx ETU File Transfer Software


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