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Printronix P8210 (P8C10) Matrix Line Printer

1000 Lines/Minute

Printronix P8200 quiet cabinet line printerPrintronix P8210 1000 lpm Matrix Line Printer for Mission Critical Printing Applications  


The Printronix P8210 has a print speed of up to 1000 lpm.  It's one of the fastest matrix line printers available. Built into a sound-suppressed (50 dBA) quiet cabinet style for high speed and quiet operations, this printer is the most popular model for those companies needing high volumes of printing.  Click here or on the image at right for specifications.

This printer is able to process a box of single part paper in around 45 minutes (+ or -).    When the P8210 looks ahead and senses a lot of space with no print required, it leaps to the next line to print.   This ability to jump is called paper feed or "slew", and the paper goes by at up to 20 inches per second!  If the customer output has few lines of print, it can empty a box of paper in a few minutes. 

The Printronix P8200 Quiet Cabinet models are well-suited for normal office operations and in noise-adverse areas.  ? The?P8215 provides the operator with a wide choice in paper handling options. 

Click here for the brochure on the Printronix P8000 Family of Matrix Line Printers

Mission-Critical Performance

Plain and simple.... the job of the P8210 printer is to produce high volumes of printed output on a very reliable basis.  When your company relies on printed output to operate, having a maintenance plan in place that matches the mission-critical nature of the printer is number 1.    

Do You Have a Hot Spare in Place?

If your operation grinds to a halt when you cannot get your output, looking at a backup plan deserves a critical look.  If your printer being down for a few hours while output is critical, then take a critical look at your backup plan.   If your printer cannot be down even for a few hours without hurting your business, then you need an additional printer.   Don't be at a standstill until the Service Tech arrives.   

Click here for the brochure on the Printronix P8000 Family of Matrix Line Printers

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P8000 Series Printer Specifications

P8000 Series Print Speeds1

Maximum Print Speed (lpm)









Fast draft mode:





DP mode:





NLQ mode:





Note: 1. Exact speed varies depending on document complexity, system configuration, software application, driver and printer state.

Printronix P8000 Series Optional Graphics Features (Printer Emulations)

  • IGP Printronix Emulation
  • Code V Printronix Emulation

Printronix P8000 Series Printer Interface Connectivity


  • USB

  • RS232 Serial


  • Internal 10/100 Ethernet (includes standard)

  • Internal 10/100 Ethernet with Parallel (includes standard)

  • Parallel Port Only (includes standard)

Printronix P8000 Series Printer Emulations


  • Epson FX 1050

  • IBM Proprinter? III XL

  • Printronix P-Series and P-Series XQ Variant

  • Printronix Serial Matrix

  • Telnet 3270/5250


  • ANSI 3.64

  • IPDS

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