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I-O 2677C Color Twinax Terminal
Display Station for iSeries, AS/400 and S/36

An InfoWindow Compatible 
Color Twinax Display Station/Terminal
for the i5, iSeries, AS/400 and S/36

The 2677C Twinax Display Station is no longer manufactured.  
The 2677m Modular Twinax Display Station  is the direct replacement for the2676d.  Click here to be taken the the I-O Corp. 2677m page.


The I-O 2677C Color Display Station is a reliable, low cost, high resolution display that increases productivity without adversely affecting your budget.

The 2677C has been discontinued.  The 2677m Modular Twinax Workstation is the direct replacement for it.


NEW 122-Key 24 Command Key Keyboards and 102-Key 12 Command Key Keyboards board for the 2676D, 2677D, 2677Cand 2677M are available.  Click here for more information or on the keyboard below:


  • Color - Enhanced productivity at a monochrome price

  • Multi-Session - Four session (DDDP) multitask functionality

  • Printer Port - Printing flexibility at a very low cost

  • High Resolution - Sharp, bright characters

  • Low Emissions - Meets Swedish MPR II emissions standards

Click on item below to go to:
122 Key Driverless Keyboards for PCs and Thin Clients
PROedge HC16 Thin Client Terminal
PROedge HC5 Thin Client Terminal
PROedge HX8 Thin Client Terminal
I-O 2677e - Ethernet Terminal
I-O 2677M Display Module
I-O 2676D AS/400 Display Station
I-O 2677C AS/400 Color Display Station
I-O 2677D AS/400 Display Station
I-O Twinax Display Stations for AS/400 & AS/36

Click here for more information on the I-O Corporation Twinax Terminal



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