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Thin Client Terminals, Ethernet Terminals
& Twinax Terminals

I-O Corporation - Manufacturing Terminals for the IBM Environment for Over 35 Years


I-O Corporation has been building quality, reliable display stations for more than 25 years.

I-O was one of the innovators in the evolution of the iSeries AS/400 and System/3X display stations by introducing the first Twinax display station to have an ASCII host-addressable printer port.

The 2677m Modular Twinax Workstation is I-O Corporation's current Twinax Display offering.  A three-year advanced exchange warranty is a testament to it's quality and reliability.

The NEW I-O 2677e Ethernet Terminal provides an economical replacement for Twinax and Coax Dumb Terminals.  When you need a simple display for iSeries access, complete with I-O's great printer emulation, the 2677e is a great choice.

The new PRO|EDGE (PROedge) HC16 Thin Client Terminal provides dual access to Windows applications and legacy systems (midrange, Mainframe and Unix hosts). Built-in Internet Explorer gives this unit the ability to "surf the web" without the support of a PC.  Explore web pages, retrieve and send web based e-mail right from this multi-function thin client. 

The Display and Controller Solutions Division at I-O Corporation is committed to providing reliable, high resolution, flicker-free displays. I-O is also the leader in providing the highest level of customer support in the industry.

Thin Client Terminals
Twinax Display Stations
  • 2676D Monochrome - 80 Column Monochrome Display Station with 3 Display Sessions / 1 Printer Session 

  • 2677MG Monochrome - 80 or 132 Column Monochrome Display Station with 3 Display Sessions / 1 Printer Session 

  • 2677M Color Logic Module - 80 or 132 Column Color Logic Module with 3 Display Sessions / 1 Printer Session.  Uses standard SVGA Color Monitor as Display

  • 2677C Color - 80 or 132 Column Color Display Station with 3 Display Sessions / 1 Printer Session.  (Discontinued - the 2677M with a color PC monitor is the direct replacement) 

Please contact Twin Data Corporation and find out how you can get a free 30-day trial unit.

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